Adam Chalifour

The owner and operator of Brevard IT Services, armed with over a decade of experience in the field and a 21st-century computer engineering degree from the University of Michigan, Adam has set out to bring personalized IT services to those in Brevard and Western North Carolina.

Ranging from one-on-one computer training to network engineering for small/medium business, Adam's approach to IT assistance does not vary. Every customer will benefit from a dedicated, personal, professional partnership for computer/network troubleshooting.

"That all sounds great, but why you and not one of your competitors?"

Simple. Adam focuses on the relationship first, and the resolution second.

Before working as a network engineer, Adam spent many years in the service industry waiting tables, bartending, delivering pizzas, etc. The difference is Adam uses his humble beginnings to bring technical jargon and complicated acronyms down to earth. He knows when it's appropriate to chit chat and when it's best to shut up and get the job done. Adam has acquired wisdom beyond his years through patience. Listening and observing first, and then making informed decisions in the best interest of both parties is what separates Adam from his competition.